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About Me

Kelcey LuxenbergAbout me, the founder of KelceyCare. I’m Kelcey and I have been a caregiver my whole life.  I am a first born and my younger brother was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of two.  My brother taught me how to patient, understanding and caring.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health and Dietetics from James Madison University.  I am passionate about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  I belive eating healthty is one of the most important things in life, and it should be introduced at an early age to ensure a lifetime of health.  I make the majority of what I eat and I would love to bring this into your home.

I started KelceyCare when I moved to the beautiful Lake Tahoe area.  I wanted to take my years of babysitting experience and help families visiting the area. I made it my mission to ensure they had a seamless vacation.  This ranged from babysitting, teaching children how to ski, buying groceries and stocking fridges, cleaning second homes and watching pets.

I have now moved to the Netherlands and I am looking for new families to take care of!  I am happy you have found my site and I look forward to meeting your family.