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Child Care

I have been caring for children for the past 20 years. This started with my next door neighbor in Vermont, took me all the way to the mountains of Lake Tahoe where I had a successful business for four years. I have now moved to The Netherlands and I want to help your family maintain a healthy and happy environment.

It goes with out saying, the most important focus of my care will be for your children. I will additionally provide various extra services to make your life easier.

  • I will prepare healthy nutritious food for you. For example, I will bake various types of bread, prepare healthy lunches, make homemade soup, sauces (pesto, tomato and hummus), granola and anything else you can think of. Everything I make is from scratch with healthy ingredients and minimal sugar. I will do this to your prefered taste and preferences.

  • I can also help with laundry, cleaning and organizing.

  • I can run small errands to and from your home. I am happy to do a quick trip to the grocery store, drop off something for you after I leave, take your recyclables to dispose of, etc.