Care Rates


Includes preparation of healthy food and cleaning/organizing. Small errands to and from the house*

  • 1 Child –        €15/hour
  • 2 Children – €17/hour
  • 3 Children – €19/hour
  • 4 Children – €21/hour
  • 5 Children – €23/hour (max)

Special rates available for helping at birthday parties, chaperoning large groups of children on a day out or at a wedding, etc. Multiple babysitters available if needed.

*Errands less than 30 minutes qualify. Anything requiring additional time can be discussed.


  • €10 – One hour home visit with walk or playtime.
  • €25 – Overnight in your home with at least 45 minutes of care in both the evening and again the next morning, for example 20:00-8:00 the following day.

Above pet rates are for a maximum of two pets. For more than two pets add €2  per every additional animal.

Please inquire for estimate.